Monday, July 4, 2011

Ocean of Love

My journal entry for July 2nd, 2011 -- in San Diego, CA with my family on the beach!

Standing at the oceans edge brings to surface many deep thoughts. My mind races all over. Mostly it makes me ponder the mighty power of God and your relentless love. As the waves keep coming, crashing over my feet, tide running in then out, a pulling I can feel. The same pulling, nagging in my heart. It's an awareness to your presence. So strong, with a tight grip I feel you. It's that crazy jealous love. Rushing over me like the waves on the sand. Nothing can hold back the waves. Nothing can stop the force behind them. With the sand beneath my toes, I sink into the ground, bracing for another swell to hit. It is cold. Yet it is refreshing to my mind, my heart and my spirit. It awakens me once again. Reminding me of you power and ultimate control in all things. My life, my situation, you cause the oceans to stay with in their boundaries, you know the deepest depths of the sea. So it is with me. You know my limits -- my boundaries. You know what lies deep with in me. Oh how you love me, I am completely and utterly overwhelmed. Such love I do not deserve, yet you freely gave it to me. I thank you for saving me, for letting your grace wash over me like a wave. Washing me clean and carrying my sins far far away cast into the depths of the sea, never to be remembered anymore. Such love is too marvelous so hard to grasp...I will lean not on my own understanding. Yet I know it is real. It wells up with in me, now overflowing. I can not help but give it away.
Enjoy a favorite song of mine...Oh How He Loves!


  1. Amen, sister! :) So happy you got to get away and refresh!!

  2. Anna, Even as a little girl, you would stand at the shoreline and squeal with delight when the waves would touch you! Happy that you were able to escape and enjoyed the time together. Can't wait...see you


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