Monday, October 1, 2012

September Joy Dare

725. Gardening
726. Late nights outside
727. BBQ's
728. Grass
729. Fresh Flowers
730. Box Tops
731. Sunflowers
732. Squash
733. Fresh peaches off the vine
734. Breeze early morning
735. Fresh zucchini bread from oven
736. Sun tea
737. 1st Day of School
738. Nip in the air
739. The garden
740. Corn Chopping
741. Dustin!
742. Hair
743. Time
744. Garden goodies
745. Smiles to a stranger
746. Canned dill pickles
747. Discipline moment
748. Seed to fruit - amazing
749. Artwork on fridge
750. Sunrise
751. Family vacation photo
752. Wall art
753. Big hand on the clock
754. School bus
755. Hummingbirds
756. Pain
757. Self-control
758. Tough love
759. Refuge
760. Higher Place
761. Law of the Spirit
762. Lavender
763. Lesson Notes
764. Baby blanket
765. Tree by the river
766. Map
767. Dustin's creations
768. Joy & tears
769. Peanut butter & jelly
770. Cake & ice cream
771. Meals
772. Prayer
773. Chores
774. Rotten Bananas
775. Old scar healing up
776. Lawn mower
777. Towels in cupboard
778. D's nose
779. Honesty
780. Sharing each others burdens
781. Encouragement
782. It's not @ me
783. Free to receive
784. It's all about faith - Believing in Him alone
785. Instant + i____.
786. Knowledge
787. Connected
788. Brakes on white truck
789. Cucumbers in the garden - slowing down
790. A coffee mug
791. Morning - alone Birthday with Jesus
792. Front porch sitting
793. Sunday afternoon nap
794. Dog kisses
795. Pockets filled with rocks
796. Half eaten graham crackers
797. Laundry
798. Bills paid
799. Canning plum jam
800. Heart to grow in truth
801. Cucumbers still coming out of the garden
802. Love
803. Soccer jersey "Coach"
804. Change - again & constant
805. Addressing bullying
806. A toddler
807. A stray dog
808. Chickens
809. Sewing projects
810. Books
811. Dust
812. Pearls
813. A smile
814. The Sun (SON) Glory

Day 1: Rejoice

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm  118:24

Celebrations can vary in their styles and ventures.  You don't have to have the biggest party or the largest reception hall with the greatest number of guests in attendance.  No an audience of One will do for me.  Just knowing that today is a new day that the Lord has made just for me to enjoy.  So enjoy I will.  The warmth of the fall sun reflecting off the golden leaves flapping in the tall trees makes me smile.  I take a deep breath and exhale.  I'm alive.  I'M ALIVE.  Yes my past haunts me as I sit still in my recliner this morning, reflecting on chemo poison trickling through my veins.  But I celebrate because I am an over-comer.  I drink deeply the light of the morning and embrace what may come before my path today.  Be happy and show it to the world around you.  I smile more.  I laugh more freely.  I love more unconditionally. I live in the moment for that is all we have.  Time to rejoice and celebrate once again all He has done. 

I'm Alive by Peter Furler

31 Posts in the Month of October

I am taking a blogger's challenge.  Today I will start a 31 day challenge to write on one topic for the month.  Each day will be a new post within this topic.

Read More here to join the fun!

The drum roll announce a topic for this 31 Day Challenge...

31 Ways to Celebrate Beating Cancer - 

Things I've learned after facing the biggest challenge in my life.  How my outlook on life has changed my heart and purpose here on Earth.

Stay connected -- links to each day's postings!

Day 1: Rejoice

Day 2: Embrace Serenity

Day 3:  Simplicity Counts

Day 4: Lessons in Waiting - Part 1: Hope

Day 5: Lessons in Waiting - Part 2: Strength

Day 6: Lessons in Waiting - Part 3: Attitude

Day 7: Letting Others In

Day 8: Log-in to the Logos

Day 9: It's All Small Stuff 

Day 10: A Clean Cup

Day 11: Blessed to Bless

Day 12: Courage

Day 13: Bring Beauty In

Day 14: Extravagant Love 

Day 15: Be Pepared

Day 16:Conquering Perfectionism

Day 17: How to Answer the Question of Why

Day 18: Laugh

Day 19:

Day 20:

Day 21: 

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