Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Word for 2012

I have been trying to think of a word to describe what I believe the Lord would have me focus on in 2012. It's no an easy feat to come up with just one word.  It really is a challenge.  I wanted clear confirmation from the Lord about this.  It's not about me...then again it is about me.  I have so many questions.  No answers for these questions looming in my mind.  Time. Space. Family. Friends. Church. Ministry. Exercise. Food. Bible Study. Worship. Laundry. Animals. Cleaning. Homework. Health. The list could go on and on.  Then it hit me.  What am I really about? I have so many things I want to do.  Again it is "me" driven.  Not your will Lord but thine be done...remember the sacrifice He paid.  Keep the main thing the main thing: Christ and Christ alone.

So this year my word is:   INTENTIONAL.

To be intentional in three specific areas of my life.  
1. My personal relationship with Christ. A re-commitment to grow in my knowledge of His Word, to commit myself to prayer and to seek His kingdom above all else.
2.  My health.  I must give myself permission to take proper care of my body.  Meaning to eat well, getting some exercise and resting. This one is most likely going to be the hardest.  To me this speaks of not getting over-committed, possibly even saying no to some good opportunities. 
3.  My relationships.  To make time for "dates" and un-interrupted communication with my husband.  To follow my heart and be led by the spirit when it comes to being with friends.  Connect on a deep level and minister in the moment.

This approach is different than picking a bad habit you may want to break or setting an impossible goal.  It replaces the concept of a New Year's Resolution. You might be wondering how on earth can I pick one word.  I have some help for you.  Check out this web page called:  You will find some tips that can help you pick a word for the year.

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