Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All Clear

Those sweet words I have been longing to hear for the last 9 months: no cancer detected...assumption is you are cancer free.  Ahhhh.  If there was ever a time for dancing...please dance with me!

The Lord himself will fight for you,  just stay calm. 
Exodus 14:14

The Lord is my strength and my song he has given me victory.  This is my God and I will praise him! 
Exodus 15:2

Waiting is the hardest thing.  Twelve rounds of chemotherapy later and here we are.  On the other side of my worst nightmare, now standing in awe. It's true cancer changes you.  Everything is different.  How can I go back to what "normal" was?  What is "normal" anyway?  Who determines what that is?  I know this: I am changed for a reason.  His ways are too wonderful to understand. Reminding myself to just stay calm.  Watch and wait.  He is always working no matter how grim it may appear.  Believe me I know grim.  Cancer does make you stronger.  Stronger because of Christ in me.   

Many friends have stood beside me over these last few months.  They have been kind and patient with me during this ordeal.  I can't say thank you enough.  Many meals have been prepared, floors cleaned and prayers sent up on my behalf.  They have not gone un-noticed.   My family thanks you.

The nurses and staff at MSTI are amazing.  I need more photos of them!  I just fell in love with these people who everyday deal with sick cancer patients.  What a calling!  Their attitudes and words of encouragement every week was so uplifting.  I can't say thank you enough to a great team of care givers.

Dave the MSTI pharmacist with me on my last treatment.
I have lots of ideas for what to focus on next.  So far I know I need to stay the course of wellness.  That is the one thing that is certain.  I want to get back to swimming again.  My energy level and stamina will take some time to bounce back.  With farming season fast approaching I have no time to waste.  I am all ready dreaming of my garden!  The seed catalogs keep arriving in my mailbox to tempt me.  So far I think relaxing and taking it easy are good plans.  Just stay calm and watch what the Lord does next.

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