Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Bad Hair Days

So the time had arrived for the head shaving event. I suppose most cancer patients have to make the decision at some point. For me it was several factors that contributed to going bald. Many of the chemo drugs cause hair thinning. This was the case for me. I have been blessed with lots of hair-- thick hair. So I thought well just wait and see what happens. As round three of chemo finished up I could tell the hair issue was going to plague me. It's not that my hair really looked bad, it was just the sheer fact that my hair was shedding like a bad dog all over the place. This is a very emotional thing. I had to make a decision. I could look at my hair falling out everyday and get a bit frustrated and even sad or I could take control of the situation and put an end to the negative feelings. So one morning I woke up and just new it was time. There are not many things I am able to be in control of. My feelings are one I can control. I can choose to be happy with hair or without. But as you see your hair on the pillow every morning and all over the bathroom floor it eats away at you. It is easier to look at the giant and say --I have power over you -- you can't scare me! Just like David facing Goliath with a few smooth stones and the Lord of Heavens army on his side. So a sweet friend of my mine named Jeanie came over and shaved my head that day. Jeanie is also a kindred sister fighting her own battle of cancer. So amazing how the Lord has crossed our paths. It is very encouraging to have a dear friend share these special moments together. I feel great now. The hair is gone. So now I don't have to worry about bad hair days, washing my hair, brushing my hair etc. Now it is just deciding between a hat, scarf or a wig...decisions, decisions, decisions...My family has adjusted to the new me. Dustin at first was very adamant that I not shave my head. He kept saying, "Mommy do not brush your hair, do not wash your hair, just wear a hat and it won't fall out anymore! " Now he says I have a fuzzy caterpillar for hair. So precious!


  1. Way to take charge and defeat your Goliath! I would imagine that it prob still was not easy to do and the reality of having no hair must of been difficult. However, I can clearly see that taking charge over it would be more liberating. God bless you as you continue to face your giants as we all have them!
    "Focus on your giants, you stumble. Focus on God, your giants tumble." From Max Lucado's book 'Facing Your Giants'

  2. Way to go! The new look is lovely :)


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