Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 Blessed to Bless

It can all be summed up quite simply:  Die to self, period.  If it were only that easy to follow and practice moment by moment.  The real secret isn't found in a magic formula or a twelve step program.  It really isn't about reading books by well known authors.  Yet they do help shed light on the TRUTH of the WORD.  This is this gold nugget.  The cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.  More of Him and less of me.  This can only happen when I am willing to obey His Word.  Everything around me is affected by my ability to deny self and put others first.  My relationships will improve as I become more like Him. When I remember to put others first and forget my needs.  So simple, yet so hard to actually do.

It's easy to get pre-occupied with self.  I have so many tasks at hand.  I have so many things just for me.  Our culture is engulfed with the mantra of me first, take care of number one and push others away to be superior at all cost.  This notion of entitlement and deserve has been birthed out a long coming twisted way of stinky thinking.  We have now created a society of narcissist individuals all competing for attention.  I have to admit I enjoy watching shows like American Idol, or Britain's Got Talent or some other reality star search show.  The sad truth is everyone is super insecure and empty on the inside.  Yet on the outside we are rich, maybe famous and beautiful.  At least that is what we portray on Facebook and to the world we hope is looking. What good does this do?  None.

We must not be self-absorbed but other-absorbed.  We were created in Christ Jesus to do good works.  These good works aren't for our own benefit.  They are to benefit others.  We have been given much so we can give much.  We are blessed in order to bless others. 

Berry Pie for a friend!

During my chemotherapy I felt like others were paying closer attention to me.  I guess for good reason.  They were genuinely concerned.  I also think they were wondering how I would react to the treatments, what my attitude would be and what I was thinking.  I guess that is really why I started to write in the first place.  I wanted others to know about my journey.  In the midst of very difficult circumstances I remained strong in the Lord and tried my best to put my family first.  It wasn't easy.  Grace covered the mistakes.  I do remember taking the time to still serve others.  It feel good to forget my own problems and think of anothers needs.  It really does give you strength and encouragement for your Spirit to continue fighting.  So many people did amazing things for myself and my family.  Kindness doesn't even begin to describe it!  When you have been on the receiving end of being blessed it fills you up to overflowing.  The next step is to bless others. 

Do something kind for another person next time you are feeling self-absorbed.  I can almost grantee it will encourage your Spirit and help you to see others and yourself in a different light.

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