Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Dare to Read

OK blog friends here is a challenge for you: read a book. Simple enough, right? I am starting a book club. If you want to join, email me and let me know. The first book is one I am only half way through--and I cannot put it down. It is raw, authentic and faith shaking. The first book to read is called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Thank you to my friend Shannon for gifting me with this amazing book. I want to tell everyone about what I am reading -- I want to share the experience with others. So the deal is this: first buy the book, second read the book and third well talk about the book. I am thinking once a month would work out just fine. So the first time to meet will be the second week in October. Depending on who wants to join my book club well meet in the mornings or evenings...well see. Also for those of you who don't live by me and still want to join we can conference call you into our book club meetings, no worries!

We will most likely pick books that encourage spiritual growth for a woman's heart. I like deep thought provoking books. This is not for the weak minded. It is for those who are spiritually hungry and seek a deeper love for Christ. Anyone is welcome. There will be no homework or extras associated with the club. Just simply commit to reading a book once a month and show up to fellowship (which means food of course!) and discuss what we read. Who will join me?

Email me at:
Link to Amazon: One Thousand Gifts


  1. Love that book! It's a great one to read and talk about with others. I read it, slowly (which I never do! I'm a devourer with books!) and then reread it all the way through one day just to read it more cohesively, too. I've given around two dozen copies away so far! Love it!

    I've got two others that I think will be the same way - I'll FB them to you once I decide for sure...will finish both this weekend or so!

    Praying for you constantly, Anna!

    Lisa P in San Diego

  2. What a fun idea! One of these days I'd love to join you. I have a few things on my list ahead of this for now. Enjoy! May you all be blessed!


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